10 Reasons to Love Online Education

keyboard macbook proIt took quite a while for people to realize the value and respectability of online education, but it has recently boomed. Every year, increasing numbers of students are choosing to earn degrees through online colleges and universities. Why is this becoming the educational platform of choice? The truth is that there are many things to love about online learning. Here are the top 10 reasons to love online education:

#1 – Flexibility

The number one reason many students prefer online learning is that it offers a huge level of flexibility. This lets busy students work a full-time job during the day, spend time with family and friends, and complete studies during night hours or weekends. In addition, students who are required to travel a great deal for work or family responsibilities can work on classes from any location that has Internet access.

#2 – Student-Centered

Many students learn better when they can pace themselves and learn independently. For these students, online education offers the ideal educational experience. Online classes provide a student-centered curriculum and eliminate the need to sit through lectures.

#3 – Material Availability

Online courses allow students to watch and re-watch recorded lectures and video clips and to review resources and notes as many times as needed to master the content. This allows students to spend as much time as necessary on problematic material without depending upon help from a professor or classmates.

#4 – Secure Interactions

People taking online courses can participate in message boards and online discussion forums. This method of communication is safe, secure, and perfect for shy students who are not as likely to speak up in a regular classroom environment. These reserved students can open up more freely online, sharing opinions and getting a deeper understanding of class content.

#5 – No Boundaries

When students choose online education, they can take classes from some of the world’s best professors without being limited by geographic boundaries. This provides increased options for quality education even for students in the most rural areas.

#6 – Technological Experience

Because online classes use a great deal of technology, participating in online learning provides students with experience and training in using computers, common software programs, and the Internet. As technological skills become increasingly important in the modern workforce, online students can benefit greatly from this enhanced training.

#7 – Broad Range of Learning Materials

As students study online, they have a world of resources and information at their fingertips. Students can open a new browser tab and use it to view related videos, read articles, listen to sound clips, and access other resources that can create a deeper understanding of the materials.

#8 – Ease of Group Collaboration

In a traditional setting, it can be difficult to find a time a place to meet with other students for group work and study sessions. Online students, however, can make use of Skype, Google Documents, and other resources to collaborate without meeting in a single location or facing scheduling difficulties.

#9 – Lower Cost

Online courses often cost substantially less for colleges and universities to offer. These savings are typically passed on to students, providing a lower cost to earn the same type of degree. This can be a blessing to students who are strapped for cash and are having a hard time finding college funding.

#10 – Variety

Because students can attend online classes from any geographic location, they are not limited by what is offered by local schools. This allows students to choose from a larger variety of majors and to pursue a degree that they truly want.

There is a great deal to love about online education. It is because of these stellar benefits that increasing numbers of students are choosing to take their education online. As online colleges and universities continue to expand their offerings, there is little doubt that this learning format will grow in popularity.