5 Hottest Online Degrees

Online colleges and universities have revolutionized the way people get a higher education. For the first time in history, college is available even to older students who have full-time jobs and family responsibilities. While there are some jobs that require clinical or field experience, there are many others that are possible through exclusively online studies. If you are wondering which degree is right for you, consider these 5 hot online degree choices:

  1. Business – A great deal of the world’s business transactions are conducted through electronic avenues, so why not train for your business career through an online degree program? Because technology is such a great fit for business, it is little wonder that both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business are becoming increasingly popular among online students. An online degree in business can help you get your ream job in finance, human resources, marketing, business operations, or many other fields. 
  1. Criminal Justice – Criminal justice is another field that just seems to be a natural for online education. As such, there are many online colleges and universities that offer various criminal justice degrees. Whether you choose to get a degree in juvenile justice, criminal profiling, cyber-security, or something else, you will be taking the first step toward living the life you have always wanted. Once you earn your criminal justice degree online, you may find work with the U.S. Department of Labor, Homeland Security, or local police or fire departments, among others. 
  1. IT and Computer Skills – What better way to learn what you need for computer careers than through an online degree program? When you study IT and other computer-related fields online, you will be using cutting-edge technology and tools to practice troubleshooting, to design software, and to learn other relevant skills for your chosen profession. This is one career that is drawing students in droves because of the many perks it offers. For instance, programmers or computer analysts can expect to earn around $76,000 a year. 
  1. Health Care – The health care industry has seen an explosion in recent years and has embraced the latest technology to help provide more efficient, higher quality medical care. There are a number of online degrees you can get that will let you work in this thriving field. Consider getting your online degree in data management systems, health care administration, or other areas of health care technology so you can take your place with some of the world’s best healthcare providers. 
  1. Nursing – While it is true that you cannot become a nurse without completing the required hours of clinical experience, online degrees make it easy for RNs who have this experience to take their careers to the next level. Earning an online Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, or BSN, will help working nurses make more money, qualify for better jobs, and advance up the career ladder. 

So, if you are ready to get the college degree that will change your life for the better, online colleges and universities are waiting with the degree you need.