5 Lifesaving Calculus Apps

Calculus, although necessary training for many of the top professions, is the bane of many students’ existences. Functions, formulas, limits, and derivatives are not exactly easy reading or thinking. Luckily, technology steps in to save the day…again. These 5 powerful apps should be in any calculus student’s arsenal to make things as easy and clear as possible:

  1. Calculus FTW – This powerful app is available on iPod or iPhone and shows simple, detailed solutions to typical calculus problems. The app includes sample problems for almost every concept in basic calculus along with relevance and explanations. It also allows you to solve problems on your own with hints to help you along the way. At a price of only $2.99, it is more than worth the cost.
  1. Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant – This powerful app will offer you all the help you need to finish your homework and study for exams. It checks answers, solves problems, offers detailed explanations, and more. The app will evaluate any numeric expression or substitute a value for a variable, determine the limit of a function, plot basic, polar, or parametric plots, find critical points and inflection points, and much more. It is available for iPhone, iPad, or PC. All this power can be yours for $3.99.
  1. Calculus Pro – Calculus pro is one of the many powerful and intuitive apps available from Larry Feldman. This one includes tutorials on arc length, limits, various rules, and integrals. All examples come with diagrams, images, and sample problems to help calculus students gain a deep understanding of even the most complicated concepts. The app is available on iOS and Android and can be yours for only 99 cents.
  1. iCalculus – This is yet another great calculus app for Apple devices. It is designed for students as well as those who use calculus as part of their professions. ICalculus can solve common calculus equations, including those with systems of linear equations and differential equations systems. The app provides a wide range of functions and can complete a variety of financial operations. It is available at the Apple store for $1.99.
  1. Free Graphing Calculator – Calculus is impossible without a good graphing calculator. This free iOS app saves you hundreds of dollars involved in buying a calculator. It also lets you zoom in and out, make tables of function values, find intersections, and reference common information and formulas.

If you are a calculus student or need to use calculus in your daily life, you must have these fantastic apps to make things easier. At prices ranging from completely free to a few dollars, they are well worth the expense involved when you calculate the amount of time and frustration you will be saved.