5 Ways to Keep Your Motivation

One of the most difficult aspects of online learning for many is keeping motivation. Since online education requires people to take initiative to get assignments completed on time. In the absence of face-to-face interaction with instructors and other students, it is easy to give in to distractions and lose interest in class work. To avoid this problem, try these 5 simple ways to keep your motivation in your online classes:

  • Get connected – The more connected you are with your classmates, the more motivated you will be. While it can be difficult to make connections in an online class, it is possible. Strike up conversations on message boards and try to set up a study group at a physical location with other students in your area. If that is not possible, consider a regular online study group through a service like Skype. This will give you the opportunity to clarify difficult concepts, gain a deeper understanding of material, and to motivate yourself and others.
  • Dissect the learning. Discuss what you are studying. You will find that there are relatives and friends who share your interests or who are simply open to discuss your studies with you. When you explain the material to someone else, it will become more valuable to you and you will understand it better. This allows you to feel more involved and to keep your motivation.
  • Keep track of progress. At the beginning of your degree program, make a list of all classes that you need to complete to earn your degree. Keep this posted near your work area and mark off each class that you complete. This will give you a visual reminder of what you have accomplished and how close you are getting to your ultimate goal.
  • Enjoy treats. Getting your college education is a major accomplishment. Reward yourself for meeting milestones by enjoying a night out with friends or a special time with your family. Even if you just treat yourself to a small gift, rewards will help you acknowledge your accomplishments and will help you stay excited about learning.
  • Remember to live. While your studies are very important and should be given plenty of time, you should also remember to nurture your whole self by having fun. Too much work and no down time will lead to frustration, burnout, and stress. Every week, take the time to enjoy one of your favorite activities. This time away from studies will recharge you and allow you to accomplish more when you start studying again.

In order to be truly successful as an online student, you must keep your motivation high. Following these simple but effective tips will allow you to stay fresh and interested and to perform at your absolute best in your degree program.