An Online Degree Prepares You to Work in Security and Loss Prevention

There are many criminal justice degrees available that prepare you for careers other than being a police officer. Once such career is that of security and loss prevention. Careers in this branch of criminal justice include security guard, casino security, and many others. If you are looking for a criminal justice career that is a bit out of the ordinary, this is an excellent choice.

Nature of the Work

Although the specifics of security jobs vary greatly, they all share some common characteristics. This includes long hours of standing and walking, including making possible patrol rounds of a specified area. Alternatively, you may spend hours sitting in a stationary position while keeping watch over a bank of video monitors. If you work in retail loss prevention, you will likely pose as a customer and roam throughout a store watching for shoplifters. Most of these jobs involve working regular 8-hour shifts, but may also require overtime and irregular hours. Many of these jobs are filled by retired police officers or criminal justice students.

Security Guard Jobs 

You may be able to land an entry-level security guard position with no more than a high school diploma, but earning your criminal justice degree will enable you to qualify for a greater range of jobs as well as a higher salary. More demanding jobs may require an associate’s degree, and many managerial positions may require a bachelor’s degree or higher for qualification. In addition, your state may require that you get licensed or certified.

Gaming Security

In every casino, there are security experts viewing all areas of the gaming floor to watch for illegal activity. Gaming security specialists must undergo extensive career training and background checks through their employers in addition to any criminal justice college training. To work in gaming security, you must be familiar with all casino games and be able to monitor multiple areas simultaneously. This career requires that you work with a variety of other law enforcement specialists and that you are good at working with the public.

These are just some of the many careers awaiting you in security and loss prevention. Although the average starting salary for this field is around $25,000 a year, the salary can be significantly higher for specialized positions and with higher levels of education. So, if you have been searching for an exciting, challenging criminal justice career, this is one field that is definitely worth giving a second look.