An Online Language Degree Opens Doors of Opportunity 395

The Internet has lowered the world’s boundaries in learning, business, and other fields. This smaller global community has created an unprecedented need for people who are fluent in more than one language. With an online language degree, you can make your career in marketing, finance, government, business development, health care, education, and more.

About Online Language Degrees

Because there is such a demand for multilingual professionals, online schools are offering greater numbers of language degrees than ever before. You may choose a degree in social science with an emphasis in English, a business degree with an emphasis in Asian languages and cultures, or many others.

If you would like to be a teacher, there are many language degrees that can get you well on your way to that goal, whether you choose to teach a foreign language or to teach English in another country. If, however, your heart is in business, publishing, or government, you may choose to get an online graduate certificate in translation in the language of your choice. Common choices include those in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and more.

Job Opportunities in Government

When you get your online language degree, you will be eligible to work as a translator, as part of the diplomatic corps, in civil service, in intelligence, as part of a Homeland Security team, in customs and immigration, with the armed forces, or in government journalism. Translators are employed by every government agency or can work as private contractors. Many work as translators and guides for visiting dignitaries or alongside government staff who are traveling abroad.

Job Opportunities in Business 

In the private sector, graduates with language degrees can find work in sales, banking, consulting, manufacturing, labor relations, import/export businesses, customer service, and engineering. As translators, they may be required to prepare technology user manuals, business records, legal documents, sales briefs, and more. They may work in the healthcare sector to assist with non-English speaking patients or in tourism to assist visitors at hotels, airlines, resorts, museums, and more.

Regardless of your overall career goal, an online degree in language can give you an advantage over your competition and can prepare you to work efficiently in today’s global economy. The career options are limitless and provide you with a tremendous career outlook and an amazing salary.