Best Degrees and Careers for Aspiring Politicians

Photo credit: chelle from morguefile.comIf you have a strong interest in politics, foreign policy, and government, you may want to enter a future career as a politician. Where do you start? There are a number of excellent degrees that will prepare you for careers that will lead to a life in politics, most of which are available through accredited online degree programs. If you see your life in politics, try these options to get started on the road to success:

Security Advisor

One excellent choice for anyone interested in entering politics is a bachelor’s degree in homeland security. This degree teaches you how to plan, manage, and implement the security operations of an organization or government. This degree will prepare you to work in law enforcement, emergency management, or information security management. In addition, this training can prepare you to work up to a position as a security advisor. The Department of Homeland Security defines Protective Security Advisors as individuals who serve as experts in critical infrastructure protection and vulnerability mitigation. Protective Security Advisors serve the U.S. government by assisting with incident management, infrastructure protection, and information sharing. An expert in this field could aspire to eventually become the National Security Advisor, one of the most visible security advisors in our country.

Press Secretary

Another great degree choice for a career in politics is a bachelor’s degree in journalism. This degree involves in-depth education in editing, writing, researching, ethics, and interviewing, and could include courses in public relations. This degree prepares you to work as a Press Secretary, also known as a Communications Director. Government officials at all levels need press secretaries to serve as formal spokespersons and liaisons to the media for the official. In this position, you would be responsible for providing press releases, taking requests from media, hosting press conferences, pitching stories to the media, and more. Since the Press Secretary must answer questions on a broad range of topics, he or she must stay current at all times on relevant issues.


Do you want to be a real mover and shaker? Do you feel passionately about a subject and would like to dedicate your life to promoting it? If so, you should consider a degree in political science. This degree will provide you with the essential knowledge regarding policy development as well as the challenges, tools, and techniques of nonprofit and public sectors. With this degree, you can work as a political consultant or analyst or you can become a lobbyist. As a lobbyist, you will advocate for special interest groups and work to sway politicians to support your issues and agendas. You must be very persuasive and may work for large corporations, for the public, or for a private organization.

Public Affairs

Are you an excellent communicator? If so, consider earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications. This degree will include topics including journalism, corporate communications, government relations, public relations, advertising, marketing, government relations, event management, and more. As a Public Affairs Specialist, you will work as liaison between elected officials and the public as well as other organizations. You will also develop vital strategies for events and public affairs endeavors and will work closely with the media.


If you have a good head for numbers and enjoy finance, a bachelor’s degree in Economics or Finance can prepare you for some of the best jobs in politics. This degree will give you what you need to work as a government treasurer or the Secretary of the Treasury. In this highest of positions, you would be responsible for recommending and formulating international and domestic economic, tax, and financial policy. In addition, you would  help develop fiscal policies to manage the economy and public debt while overseeing the Treasury Department in its law enforcement duties.

If you are interested in politics, there are many paths by which to make your dreams come true. The first step, however, is to figure out where your true interest and talents lie and to get the degree that will prepare you to work in a career that will provide you with satisfaction and the chance to make a real difference in our government.