Best Online Degrees

What do you enjoy? What do you typically think about when no one else is around? Do you enjoy communicating with others? Do you enjoy delving into the psyche and how a person’s individual psyche influences their behavior when interacting with other people in their society? Is annual income more important than job satisfaction (some degrees offer both, others do not)? These are questions every potential student should be asking themselves while they are researching what degree or program would best suit their education, their skills, and their personal enjoyment. Students who have already completed a semester or two of college, or who have even declared a major, ask these questions as well, as it is not uncommon for students to change majors if they realize that their current program isn’t the field of study that will bring them the most happiness and success after graduation.

As you begin to understand your circumstances, your personal likes and dislikes, in relation to your educational pursuits, then choosing a degree program will be easier. As you begin to research the options available, here is a list of potential online degree programs that are currently popular careers of interest.

Online Degree Programs

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Business Administration & Management
  3. Communication
  4. Computer Science: Programming, Information Systems, and Information Technology
  5. Criminal Justice
  6. Engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical
  7. Healthcare: Administration & Management or Nursing Degrees
  8. Marketing
  9. Psychology
  10. Sociology

The degrees highlighted are popular degrees that may or may not work with your personal skills and educational goals. Once you have made the decision to attend college, the next step is to decide what level of education you want to obtain. Will you stop with an associate degree, or will you continue to a bachelor’s degree? If you obtain a bachelor’s degree, will you pursue a master’s or PhD? These are also questions students must consider before attending college, or while attending college. In some cases, certain careers require a specific degree, for example, if a person decides to become a doctor then they must obtain a bachelor’s degree along with a medical degree.

Associate Degrees

And associate degree is an undergraduate degree with the equivalent of 60 college credits, or two years as a full-time student. Individuals who obtain an associate degree generally have completed the required core-courses in English, Math, Science, and Humanities. The specifics vary from college to college, university to university, and whether or not you are in the U.S. or another country.
One advantage of associate degrees is that a student may be able to find an entry level job in their field of study. This option provides an added benefit of paying off school loans (if needed), obtaining work experience, and possibly working for an employer who will pay for the rest of your college education.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is obtained by honoring the requirements specified within each individual major. Some majors require 90 college credits to complete, while others are require 110 college credits to complete the major. Once you have made the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you will need to declare a major and decide whether or not you want to select a minor as well. Some students will choose a minor that goes along with their major, for example, a student may major in international business and minor in Spanish. Students are also able to double major or double minor. This will increase the time to graduate and the length of time you are in school. However, some students may find the benefit in their personal choice of career to either double major or double minor in their career choice.
A bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years, but depending on where the person lives, their financial options, and the country they live in, obtaining a bachelor’s may extend up to seven years.

Master’s Programs

A Master’s degree is a graduate degree that you cannot earn until after you have earned a bachelor’s degree. When applying for acceptance into a competitive program, you will be required to compete with other students who have similar credentials. Students can get into a master’s program and study completely online through the distance learning format and the use of the virtual classroom. This program typically takes about two years to complete, although another benefit of distance education is that you may also participate in accelerated programs that will allow you to earn your Master’s degree in about 18 months. In addition, even though this is an online college, there are limits as to how many students can get into the programs. Even though many professionals have previously thought that their graduate degree was out of reach because they did not have the time, it is never too late to get the degree you have always wanted. Online degrees will provide you with a successful career in the field you want to make a lifetime career. Whether it is criminal justice or psychology, you can do anything you want with your education through a variety of the top accredited online universities. The best online college degrees offer students an education that is not only of the highest quality, but is also convenient and affordable. No more traveling long distances to class; it can be right in your living room if you choose. If you have always wanted to return to college, now is the time to do it. It is never too late, and there could be a degree program that is perfect for you.