Choosing the Right Computer Science Master’s Program

A master’s degree in computer science can open new worlds of opportunity to you. This fantastic degree will prepare you for some of the most lucrative and fastest growing jobs available. As technology increases, these jobs will become more plentiful and skilled computer science majors will be in high demand. But how do you choose the best master’s program for your computer science degree? Follow these tips to find the best degree for you:


  • Check accreditation – The right accreditation is the difference between being able to land the best jobs and having a degree that is worth less than the paper on which it is printed. For the best degree credibility, look for schools that are regionally accredited. The U.S. Department of Education has a database of approved accredited agencies for reference.
  • Choose the right type of learning – Online degrees can be either asynchronous or synchronous. Synchronous programs require you to log in for live lectures or chats at specified hours and are as highly structured as those in a traditional classroom. Asynchronous classes, on the other hand, let you work on your own schedule. While you will still have deadlines for turning in assignments and taking exams, you will be able to work at time of the day or night that fits your schedule. If you have a full-time job and/or family commitments, it is vital that you check out the learning format of a program before enrolling. This will ensure that you have time to meet all the course requirements and that you will have a higher chance of success.
  • Compare programs – Once you have compiled a list of potential programs, make a careful comparison to see which is the best value. While cost will definitely be a consideration, you should also compare curriculums, requirements, faculty qualifications, student services, and other important factors. The more research and comparison you do, the better your chances of successfully completing your program and finding the employment you truly want.
  • Check quality – When you have narrowed your list down to a select few choices, compare the educational quality of each by researching the school reputation, selectivity of acceptance, salary and job placement statistics, and program background. You can get information from college rankings, school websites, and sites where professionals discuss education and computer science. It is also helpful to get recommendations from some of your desired future employers.

An online computer science degree can open many doors to opportunity for you. The number and quality of these doors depends upon the quality of your degree program. A master’s degree is a major investment of time and money on your part. Do your research to make sure you are getting the best possible degree for your investment.