Classroom Assessment Guide

Classroom Assessment GuideTeachers have a very challenging yet very fulfilling career. Part of being a good teacher is making sure that the students in your classroom are learning all that they can in the best possible way. For teachers, there are ways of figuring out how well the children in their classroom are learning, and they are called classroom assessment techniques.

Classroom assessment techniques essentially allow a teacher to know what and how their students are learning, and they can then come up with lesson plans and activities accordingly.

Classroom assessments are not the same as tests or student assessments as they are based on improving learning not on giving grades to students. The goal of classroom assessment is not only to improve students learning but also to improve a teachers techniques of teaching their students. There are various classroom assessment techniques that can be used in the classroom and is ready to school you on them.

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Minute Paper – at the end of the day ask students to write on a piece of paper what it is that the learned that day and what was least clear to you, you can then review responses and make notes to improve classroom performance

One Sentence Summary – have students summarize their knowledge of a topic by answering what, why, who, when, and where, then evaluate the quality of the answers to see if students grasp what they are being taught

Application Cards – have students write down one real life application for what they were taught, and then evaluate responses to see if students can apply lessons to real life

Classroom assessment techniques can be an easily and highly reliable way to evaluate what your students are learning and can be done frequently to improve on teaching techniques. Using classroom assessment techniques is also a great way of interacting with students as they are actively involved in helping the teacher improve the quality of the classroom. Every teacher should use some form of classroom assessment no matter what the age of their students as it can be extremely helpful.

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