Think Different: 41 of the Best Creativity Apps for Students

These apps are all free, and all of them are so great, that as an educator, you might just get as much enjoyment out of these apps as your students!

  1. Location Based Audio-guides – Your students will be able to create virtual tours of different parts around the city that you live in (or anywhere else). They can research the history behind a location and tell a story about it.
  2. Animation Creator HD - Your students will be able to create their own animations for their stories. Help the use this app to create stories, add audio, flesh out characters, and even create a graphic novel with the story that they make themselves.
  3. Animation App - Have your students take pictures for a story they will create. They can use this app to animate the stories, and put them together for a real story.
  4. Bubble And Pebble Story - Have your students help these little characters with their adventures. Your students can then create their own drawings of new adventures.
  5. Toontastic – Your students can create cartoons with this app!
  6. Journal Jar – By shaking this app, students will get a writing prompt. Give them 10 minutes to come up with stories based on this prompt.
  7. StoryKit App - Get your students to create books about their lives, what they think about, or the ending of a classic fairytale.
  8. Fotobabble App - Have your students take a picture of something and tell a story about it.
  9. VoiceThread - students can post videos, drawings, images and more then have their classmates comment on what they upload.
  10. Choose Your Path Free – Students can choose their own story.
  11. Videolicious - Have your students create a video about themselves. This is a great way to see what your students think about themselves and how creative they can be.
  12. Posterous - Have your students create poems and pictures with this fun app.
  13. Flixlab – This is an easy app that will help you make cool videos.
  14. Sock Puppets - This is a great app that will help students work in pairs.
  15. Animoto Video Creation App - This is a great and extremely easy way to create simple and beautiful videos.
  16. Shmuppet – Have your students create podcasts or tell stories with a puppet. They can then share this on Facebook or Twitter.
  17. Bunsella Bedtimes Story - Your students can narrate a story and send it to another class or even their younger siblings. This is a great way to encourage interaction with other classes.
  18. Audioboo - Create a podcast with your class. Your students will love that they can create something that they can post on the web!
  19. Narratavius Story Engine – This is a really fun app where you can choose your own adventure with your class!
  20. MindBlowing App - Your students can collect video and audio to make an awesome video.
  21. Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters - If you want your students to learn more about how the local news works, this app is perfect. Students can make dialogues and watch their news being reported on!
  22. Draw Free for iPad - Let your students explore their creativity with this app. This app is so easy to use.
  23. Pic Collage - This is a really fun app that you might even want to start using. Your students can upload pictures and make them completely their own.
  24. Our Story - This is a fun app that gets all of your students involved. This is for a younger audience that is just learning to read.
  25. Scribble Press - This is a great app to help your students learn more about storytelling. And this app is very popular with teachers, students, and parents.
  26. Puppet Pals HD - Creative students can make shows with their animations with this fun and creative app.
  27. Skitch - Students can use shapes, sketches, and text to create cool pieces of art.
  28. J2e - This is an online creativity tool that brings the web, creativity, and learning all into one.
  29. 123D Sculpt - This awesome app will help you sculpt and paint realistic 3D shapes. It is very user-friendly!
  30. Ibrainstorm - This app will help students capture their creative genius and allowing them to collaborate with others on assignments.
  31. Inkflow - This is a great app for older students. It is like a word processor for visual thoughts. It captures ideas and then you can organize them with your fingers.