Effective Learning Strategy Resources

Effective Learning StrategiesSome people believe that the difference between a good and a poor student is just a matter of aptitude. While it may be factual in some instances, generally, the discrepancy can actually be attributed to learning strategies. With effective learning methods, students can accelerate and facilitate learning. Best College Online has put together a resource list of some of the most basic, but effective strategies.


Organization is an important part of effective learning. Maintaining a clean and orderly study space helps the mind absorb new information without distraction. Time management also plays an important role in effective learning. Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day, so it’s important to learn how to make the most out of those hours.

Effective Independent Learning

There’s more to learning than figuring out how to pass tests. Not everyone learns the same so there are many different styles of learning. By knowing your personal learning style, you will learn more effectively. Knowing how to study and memorize properly¬†also make studying more effective.

Effective Learning from Others

For some subjects, group learning is more effective than individual learning. There’s a lot of evidence showing that collaborative learning is often more effective than learning on one’s own. Even lectures can help someone learn as long as they know how to listen effectively. Active listening is also an effective learning strategy.


Whether it’s simple note taking or test tasking, writing is one of the most important aspects of being an effective learner. To be a good writer, you have to understand how to use correct grammar and punctuation. You also have to know how to cite works, not plagiarize and summarize the right way.


The majority of us find math to be one of the hardest and trying subjects to learn. Although there’s really no secret formula for mastering math, the better math students have some effective learning strategies in the equation. Here are some specific study tips for math.


Putting in the time to learn how to study properly now will save you a lot of time later. In fact, learning to study right can actually cut down the amount of time you spend studying because you’ll learn more effectively.