Growing Careers for Introverts

If you consider the stereotypical successful person, you may think of someone who is very outgoing and sociable. Yet today there are many careers where quieter, more introspective people can succeed. In fact, this is probably the best time in history to be an introvert. The following are some of the most promising career choices for introverts.


Computer Science and Information Research

It should come as no surprise that some of the best careers for introverts involve the fields of computer science and information science. These are fields that have consistently grown over the last few decades and there’s no reason to believe this is going to change in the foreseeable future. As society becomes ever more dependent on technology, there will be an increased need for people who can design and manage such systems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for computer and information research scientists is $102,190 per year. While some jobs in this field only require a bachelor’s degree, the better paying careers usually require a graduate degree. According to the BLS, jobs in this sector are expected to grow 15% between now and 2022.

Financial Analyst
No matter what happens with the economy, individuals and businesses require experts to help them with their investments and financial decisions. This is something that a financial analyst does. As investing grows ever more complex, financial analysts must be well educated and sophisticated when it comes to understanding and helping people make the right decisions. As a financial analyst, you will have to interact with people, but most of your job involves research and analysis of information. The median pay for this job is $76,950 per year. The educational requirements for this career are either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with a concentration of courses in fields such as business, accounting or economics. Financial analyst jobs are expected to grow 16% in the next eight years, which is higher than the average rate of 11%.

Information Security Analyst

Security is an ever more pressing concern for businesses of all sizes. Information security analysts are responsible for protecting the computer networks of companies. This is a fast growing occupation that is expected to continue expanding as problems such as hacking and identity theft continue to make the headlines. Introverts can do well in this type of career because they will be focusing primarily on software, computer networks and other technological areas. Information security analysts earn a median annual income of $86,170. Employees usually have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or certification. Specific requirements vary depending on the employer. Information security analyst jobs are projected to grow by 37% in the next eight years, making it one of the fastest growing careers.

Medical Equipment Repairer

It’s a well known fact that jobs in the health care sector are rapidly expanding. Many of these jobs, however, require communication skills and quite a bit of interaction with patients or co-workers. One fast growing job in the medical field that’s appropriate for introverts is medical equipment repairer. As medical technology advances, the need to maintain and repair equipment is always expanding. For this job, you may be required to work on call, as when medical equipment breaks down in must be repaired as quickly as possible. The median pay for this job is $44,570 per year. An entry level position in this field requires at least an associate’s degree. BLS estimates job growth for medical equipment repairers to be 30% over the next eight years.

Biomedical Engineer

This is a relatively new field that combines medicine and engineering. Biomedical engineers use design skills and technology to devise better medical treatments. They are involved in research as well as creating new medical devices. Some of the specialties in this field include genetic engineering, medical imaging and tissue engineering. They may be employed by pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturing companies, hospitals or government agencies. This is a good field for introverts because the focus is on research and technology. Biomedical engineers earn a median annual income of $86,960 per year. A bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or a related field is required to get an entry level job. Biomedical engineer jobs are projected to grow by 27% in the next eight years.

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There Are Now Many Careers For Introverts

The above are just a few of the fastest growing and best paying careers where introverts should feel comfortable. Naturally, introversion or extroversion is only one aspect of your personality and you must also consider your background and interests when choosing a career path. As more and more careers depend on research, information and analysis, there will be more opportunities to find satisfying jobs that don’t demand a large amount of human interaction or an outgoing personality.