Helpful Study Skills Resources

Study skills are the key to college success. Learning how to use these skills is not always easy but can be beneficial in the long run.

Time Management

Study Skills

University of St. Thomas Academic Calendar: Get in touch with your organized side, and use this calendar to keep updated on what’s happening on campus, and what’s due in your next class.

Virginia Tech - Time Scheduling: Too much freedom got you stressed out? This helpful guide will break down what you need to do to effectively schedule your time.

Study Guides and Strategies - Time Management: Managing your time can be one of the hardest things as a college student, utilize this guide to use your time well.

Study Guides and Strategies - Developing a Schedule: How do your spend your day? This resource will guide you through creating a schedule–and sticking to it.

Academic - Time Management: Answer a few questions to find out how you are really using your time–and how to fix it.

York University - Time Management for University Students: Use York University’s guide to squeeze the most out of your day as a college student.

University of Minnesota- Duluth - Time Use Chart: If you like to see your schedule written down, University of Minnesota’s chart will help you see where you spend your time.

University of Minnesota- Duluth Time Management Principles: Use these principles to stray away from social activities and towards homework assignments.


Test Taking

Test Taking

Study Guides and Strategies - Test Taking Strategies: 1o tips to help you get ready and feel confident for your upcoming exams.

Academic - Study Tips for Tests: Not sure how to prepare for an exam? Get real advice from students on how to beat your tests.

Study Guides and Strategies - Test Preparation: For any student that needs a refresher on basic test prep, this page will outline the best of the best.

University of St.Johns/St. Ben’s Test Taking Strategies: Taking a test with purely essay questions? This page is chock-full of strategies to help you ace your essay questions.

Sweet Briar College  How to be a Master Test Taker: Maximize your test taking abilities with these helpful tips.

Reading Skills

Reading Skills

Cabrillo College - READ 52: Speed and Comprehension: Ever read something and have no idea what you just read? Use this resource to help you increase your reading speen and comprehension (a valuable skill in college).

Note Taking

Note Taking Tips

Virginia Tech- Cornell Note-taking System: Learn a world class note taking system that is designed to save you time, and is also highly effective.

Virginia Tech- Editing Lecture Notes: Taking lecture notes can mean the difference between a stellar grade and a bad grade. Learn how to take the best lecture notes.

Virginia Tech- Note Taking skills: Need the basics on taking notes? This resource outlines the skills you need to take great notes.

University of Illinois- Learning Assistance Center - Note Taking Skills: A great outline and introduction to the Cornell method of taking notes.

Study Guides and Strategies- Taking Lecture Notes: Heard all the tips you need to take effective notes? This resource shows you what great notes actually look like. - Note Taking Techniques: Find out the best techniques for note taking from fellow students and educators.

College of St. Benedict’s/St. John’s University - Lecture Note Taking: Get a step by step guide on how to take notes in your lectures.

California Polytechnic State University- Student Academic Services  5 Note Taking Methods: Find out the different methods to taking notes, and choose the best for your learning style.

University of Minnesota- Duluth  Taking Notes from Lectures: A simple guide on taking notes in lectures–and helpful tips on why you would want to.



Columbia University Press - Basic Citation Style: Unsure of how to cite your online resources? Use this guide to correctly format in MLA, APA, and Chicago.

University of St. Thomas - Citing Websites: So many students use online resources, learn to format them in the correct way.

William Patterson University of New Jersey - Guide for Citing Electronic Information: Learning to site resources might be time consuming, but this guide will give you examples, and you’ll be able to site your resources quickly and correctly.

University of Minnesota Crookston - APA Format: An easy guide to help you quickly format a resource in APA style.

Georgia Southern University - APA Research Style Crib Sheet: All the examples you would ever need to format APA correctly–all in one place.


Biology Study Tips

College of St. Benedict’s/St. John’s University - 3 Dozen and one study concepts for Biology: If you are taking any sort of biology class, don’t miss out on this resource. With over 48 concepts you should know, you’ll be a biology expert in no time.

Pima Community College - Biology Study Skills: Learn what it takes to be a successful biology student with this guide.


Chemistry Study Tips

How to pass Chemistry: Passing chemistry might be your worry, but with this guide, you will be well on your way to excelling in your chemistry course.

Purdue University- Begining General Chemistry: No idea where to start when it comes to chemistry? This guide will help you nail down the basics.

General Chemistry Online- Exam Survival Guide: 10 ways to help you pass your chemistry exam.

Purdue University - Genral Chemistry Topic Review: Need a handy review guide in chemistry? This guide will review all topics you will need to know for your exams.

Chemical - Online Periodic Table: Take your periodic table anywhere you go with this guide.

Purdue University - Problem Solving: This guide may be all you ever need to help you solve your chemistry problems. They have common chemistry problems and strategies for solving them.

General Chemistry Online- Tutorials, Drills, and Quizzes: Now you feel more comfortable with chemistry, test your knowledge with quizzes. You’ll feel more prepared come test day.


Psychology Study Tips

Strategies for Multiple Choice Psychology Tests: Taking a multiple choice exam in psychology? Learn how to ace the test with these tips. - Psychology Resource Website: A psychology student’s best friend, this resource has anything and everything related to psychology.

Dordt College - Study Tips for Psychology: Ace your psychology class with these detailed study tips.


Theology Study Skills

College of St. Bens/St. John’s University - Internet Theology Resources: This extensive guide is for those searching for theological and religious information that can be found online. - Bible Summaries: If you are studying the bible for a class, this resource has the entire Holy Bible summarized with review notes and key points.


Georgetown University - Study Tips for Economics Courses: Taking an economics class? This resource outlines everything from studying to note taking so you can get the grade you want.

Writing a Research Paper

Writing Research Paper

Doing Research on the Internet: You might think you are a whiz at the internet, but find out how to research online for your research paper–the right way.

Virginia Tech University - Procedure for Writing a Term Paper: Research papers may seem like an unconquerable foe, but with these simple procedures, you’ll have a paper in no time!

Study Guides and Strategies - Organizing Research: Too much research and nowhere to put it? Use these strategies to organize your research in a way that will make your paper stellar.

I. Lee ( - How to Write an A+ Research Paper: It’s not everyday that professionals practically tell you how to get an ‘A’ in a class. Use this resource to get the ‘A’ on an essay that you’ve always wanted.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - 10 Steps to a Research Paper: The Information Literacy Tutorial was created to help students maximize their research. Use this to exploit your research.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Writing Research Papers: A Step-by-Step Procedure: If you feel lost writing your research paper, turn to the Purdue experts to help you create a research paper you will be proud of.

Northwestern University - Avoiding Plagiarism: If you don’t want to lose your grade to plagiarism, take a look at this guide to help you avoid it.

Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services - Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It: Unclear about what might be constituted as plagiarism? Use this guide to avoid any appearance of it in your paper.


ESL Study Skills

George Washington University - The ESL Study Hall: If English is your second language, use this site to find a slew of resources from writing, reading, and comprehension to make learning your second language even easier.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - ESL Handouts: This resource from Perdue outlines basic grammar rules, plagiarism rules, and even how to do well in the workplace as an ESL student.

Lewis & Clark College - ESL Independent Study Lab: This site has links to over 250 of the best ESL resources for students. - Resources for Students and Teachers: For students and teachers of English, this site has a wealth of information about what to teach and what students should learn.

Study Skills Surveys

Time Management Skills

Texas Tech University- The Success Types Learning Style Indicator: Want to find out your learning style? Take this learning quiz to find out how you learn to maximize your studying.

With all these resources, you’ll become a stellar student in no time. All it takes is patience, diligence, and the drive to succeed.