How to Get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

The field of computer science is responsible for the Information Age. Those in the field of computer science have created a vast array of powerful technologies that can automate a number of tasks and make it easy to manipulate information. Almost every part of our modern lives has been touched by computer science, whether it is data management, design, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, or more.

Types of Degrees

Most online colleges and universities now offer professional and academic master’s degrees in computer science. The two main types offered are the Master of Science in Computer Science and the Master of Computer Science. The MS in computer science is research-based, and is designed to train innovators of technology as well as academic leaders. This degree is often used as a springboard to a PhD in computer science.

The Master of Computer Science, or MSC, is designed for software developers, engineers, game designers, and other professionals who want to take a hands-on role in the world of technology. These programs allow students to choose a focus that specializes in their particular areas of interest. There are many schools that provide the MSC online, making it convenient for even working adults to earn a degree.


The field of computer science is broadly divided into four areas: Algorithms and Data Structures, Theory of Computation, Computer Elements and Architecture, and Programming Methodology and Languages. Within these four broad fields, there are numerous specializations from which to choose. These include Computer-Human Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computation, Programming Languages, Theoretical Computer Science, Numerical and Symbolic Computation, Parallel Computation, Database Systems, Computer Graphics, and more. Within these specializations, you will probably have the opportunity to specialize even further.

If you want to get in on one of the most vibrant, challenging, and financially rewarding career fields, computer science is a good choice. By earning your master’s degree, you will be preparing yourself for some of the best jobs within this field.