How to Write Amazing Discussion Board Posts

Regardless of whether you are a first-timer or have taken many online classes, discussion boards will be vital to your online education. Discussion boards are not simply a place to mingle with other students. Instead, they are great places to get information and help and to collaborate with your peers. In fact, discussion boards are so important that many online classes require participation as part of the final grade. Regardless of how this tool is used in your classes, creating amazing posts will help you leave a good impression and make the grades you want.

Creating A+ Discussion Posts

  • Be mindful of the purpose – Many times, discussions are about a particular aspect of the subject. This is no different online. Be clear on the discussion purpose before starting your post. Keep your tone professional but conversational, and be prepared to write a well-informed, intelligent post.
  • Be prepared – Before you begin your post, make sure you have completed all of your readings, research, and class work as pertaining to the subject at hand. Get to your point quickly and include any supporting evidence that helped you reach your conclusion.
  • Follow directions – Read all of the instructor’s directions before making your post. Are you supposed to write a personal response, a persuasive post, or are you simply supposed to post your take on the material you read? You can get a better idea of what is expected by reading the discussion questions before starting your research and reading.
  • Take time to think – Before you write, think carefully about what you want to say. Do not include any information that is irrelevant. For the best quality of posting, make sure to connect the theories and ideas you have learned to real life situations.

  • Get references ready –
    You can commit plagiarism even in a discussion posting. Make sure to cite all your sources within the posting. These citations do not need to be formal. Simply include the title of the source, the author, and the date of publication. Jot down all your references and have them handy so you can keep your thought flow.
  • Check your content – Nothing can derail your credibility faster than grammatical or spelling errors. Use the preview tool and spell checker before posting. It is also a good idea to read over your post for flow and grammatical issues before submitting.
  • Be a good participant – Take the time to respond to others after you make your post. Find posts that you truly wish to respond to and keep your responses polite and professional. Never reply emotionally and avoid using inflammatory statements when you disagree with another poster. Be respectful and supply details that explain your thinking.

If you follow these guidelines, you will have stellar discussion postings that will boost your reputation and help you earn good grades in your online classes. Be polite and professional and let your individual personality and life knowledge shine through and you will have a winning post every time.