The Ultimate iPad App Guide for Educators; by subject

ipad apps for teachers

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More than ever, students are quickly learning about the new technology that is around them. Known as the “digital generation”, students are more tech-savvy than ever before. As a teacher, the explosive nature of technology can help you teach your students more effectively. If you are on the fence about using an iPad in the classroom, there are many benefits to introducing the iPad to your lesson plans. If you are a seasoned technology guru, take a look at the educational apps that will make teaching more interactive, and in many cases, fun!

8 Reasons Why iPads in the Classroom?

  1. Personalize learning. With the iPad, you can link up to your students. Many students already own iPads, and they can continue their education beyond the classroom. You can create lesson plans that have links to outside web pages.
  2. Understand learning needs. Do you have students that learn better with images? Do you have students that learn better by hearing lectures? No matter how your students learn, you can figure how your students will learn best. Because the iPad combines all sensory skills, you can optimize how your students learn.
  3. Eliminate expensive interactive whiteboards. Many classrooms have switched to interactive whiteboards, but by using an iPad, you can bypass the expensive interactive whiteboard. You can use the AppleTV to turn your iPad into an affordable interactive whiteboard. Instead of having your back to the classroom, you can eliminate behavioral problems by freeing up your hands during lectures.
  4. Apps will save you money. Instead of having to buy traditional software for your classroom, you can buy specific apps that will help you teach your students. Apps are relatively low cost options, and many will be even better resources than traditional software.
  5. You don’t have to worry about saving your work. If you are trying to help a student while trying to complete a lesson plan, you won’t have to worry about saving your documents on your iPad. It automatically saves your documents, and you will be able to stop worrying about saving things.
  6. A better technology experience. If you are already using technology in the classroom, the iPad will enhance your experience. You won’t have to worry about battery life, the iPad lasts way longer than any laptop.
  7. You won’t waste time. Instead of having to worry about logging onto software that might be down. All your apps will be accessible to you at the swipe of a finger, and will upload almost immediately.
  8. Technical support is something of old. One of the greatest things about an iPad, is that is rarely has technical problems. To keep your apps up to date, all you have to do is synch them—which usually takes a couple of minutes.

Take advantage and capitalize on your student’s energy and excitement for learning. With an iPad, it can increase excitement for learning by ten fold. These apps can save you millions of dollars, while enriching and enhancing the learning of your students. The best apps are broken down into category. These are the best apps that have been tested and approved by teachers just like you.

Mathematics Elementary:

  1. ArithmeTick – Math Flash Cards (Free): The goal of this app is to solve as many problems before you run out of time. This is a classic game that will get students excited about solving problems.
  2. Math Drill Lite (Free): This app helps students learn all basic mathematic skills (division, subtraction, addition, and multiplication).
  3. Ifractal (Free): This app will help students learn more about art and mathematics.

Mathematics Secondary:

  1. Algebra Touch ($1.99): This app will help students figure out algebra. It is a sleek and easy design that all can use.
  2. Mathemagics ($0.99): This app will help any student figure out quick and easy ways to remember how to do algebra problems.
  3. WolframAlpha ($1.99): This app can help any student that has a question about anything. Students can type in questions and find out answers to all of their questions.

Science and Health:

  1. Simple Physics ($0.99): This app teaches students simple physics. They can build models and find out how physics plays in real life.
  2. Smash Your Food HD ($2.99) or (Free Version): Want to teach your students what is in the food that they are eating? This app is a perfect way to show kids what is in their food, and nutrition at the same time!
  3. Cosmographia ($2.99): This is a real 3D, real time app where students can explore space in a hands on way.

Social Studies Elementary:

  1. What Is My Job? ($0.99): This is a great app for children to learn about what people do for jobs.
  2. States and Capitals (Free): Help your students learn the states and capitals with this fun and easy app.
  3. USA Presidents (Free): A great app designed to help students learn more about the United States presidents.

Social Studies Secondary:

  1. Google Earth (Free): To take your students all over the world, this app will help you be their tour guide. With stunning photos, and easy use, this app will help you.
  2. National Geographic TV (Free): A great resource to teach your students all about the world that they live in.
  3. Today in History Lite (Free): To spice up your lectures, find out what happened in history. It will get your students more engaged in the classroom.

Language Arts PK:

  1. LetterSchool ($2.99): This is a great app that is made to teach young children the proper technique in a fun way.
  2. IWriteWords ($2.99): This is a wonderful app for kids that are learning their alphabet and just learning to put words together.
  3. StoryLines For Schools (Free): This is a great app to have fun with kids that are learning their words. It can cause tons of laugh, but learning along the way.

Language Arts Secondary:

  1. Grammar Prep ($3.99): Help your students learn good practices in grammar with this app.
  2. SAT Word Lite (Free): Many students are preparing to take the SAT, and will jump at any opportunity to get any help. This app has many words that are in the SAT, and will help your students feel more confident.
  3. Shakespeare (Free): This app will put the complete works of Shakespeare at your users fingertips. Help your students learn more about this famous writer by actually reading his famous prose.

Fine Arts:

  1. Art Lite (Free): To help your students learn between Picasso and the Mona Lisa, this app will show them the most famous artists and their pieces.
  2. Composer of the Day (Free): Help your students learn more about famous virtuosos, this app has biographies about famous classical composers, and plays their music.
  3. JamPad (Free): To collaborate with your musical students, this app offers a great way to have fun while learning about music.

World Languages:

  1. iSign Lite (Free): To help your students learn sign language, this is a quick and easy app.
  2. SpanishDict (Free): If you ever get stuck on a Spanish word, or your students want ways to remember a word, this app will help.
  3. Free Spanish Tutor (Free): This app will help your students fully immerse themselves in the Spanish language. They will not only learn it, but they will be able to apply it.


  1. ($2.99): A great app if you forget the meaning of a word or you want to make sure you teach your students the correct meaning.
  2. Google Translate (Free): If you ever want to teach your students about the meaning of a word, this app will always help you.
  3. Wikipedia (Free): To look up everything about anything, this is the ultimate app for any teacher. A great “just in case” when a student asks about something you might be rusty on.

As educators, it is absolutely critical to finding the best educational resources that are available. The iPad is a revolutionary tool that will help both educators and students. But remember, technology can only be helpful if you, as the teacher, knows how to utilize it. As Bill Gates said,

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.”

Remember teachers, you are the ones that are most valuable to students. You can create a learning experience that is unforgettable and valuable to the future leaders of tomorrow.