Must Have Technology for Online Students

While the only thing that is truly required for most online classes is a reliable Internet connection and suitable computer, there are many other must-have technology items that can make your experience easier and much more successful. If you are ready to get your degree online, make sure you have these lifesavers on hand:

  • Printer  – Though you may feel that there is no need for a printer, handling printed materials is a much more effective way to study for many. Whether you use yours to print course materials for review, for printing projects that you want to go over on the run, or other materials, a printer is one thing you will be glad you have on hand.
  • Bibliography tools – You will likely have to write a great deal of papers throughout your degree program. Many students can tell you that the worst part of writing a paper is to cite sources and to properly format bibliography entries. Sites like EasyBib, NoodleTools, and more can take the stress of reference formatting from your writing projects.
  • Note taking software – Even online students must take notes to be successful. Evernote, one note, and other similar programs can make it a breeze to take, share, and store notes for easy reference. Since these programs allow for a more visual method of note taking, they are a blessing to many online students.
  • Webcam and headset – Many online classes require students to participate in online chats. Even if this is not a requirement for you, it can be extremely useful to have a way to communicate with your instructor and peers in real time. Imagine forming a dynamic online study group where you can host discussions and share ideas through a program like Skype.

Technology is the key to online success. If you are taking classes online, consider adding these extremely useful wonders to your collection and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your grades.