Best Online Colleges for Military Spouses

Military spouses often find themselves facing more challenges than those faced by civilian spouses. Today, online colleges are beginning to recognize their sacrifices. The best online colleges for military spouses often support the spouses in ways other online universities and traditional bricks and mortar universities do not. The colleges stand out in a number of ways.

Education Challenges and Solutions

The spouses of military personnel face a number of obstacles and complications that prevent them from being able to pursue a higher education or to complete continued education. Many times, the spouses of active military personnel manage all household duties on a strict budget. If they have children and work, they must provide daycare of some sort. They are responsible for taking care of the bills and unforeseen expenses while their spouse is away. They often have to work in jobs they do not like because it is all they can find or because their military life does not allow for long-term commitments. Online universities offer flexible solutions to these problems, and the best online colleges for military spouses offer highly attractive incentives.

Online Degrees

If you are a military spouse looking to change your career trajectory, online degrees are the ideal method for your incredibly busy and often unpredictable life. If your spouse moves to a military base, no matter where you are in the world, you will still be able to take your online courses without missing a day of work. If you are busy raising a family and working to keep the family together, you will be able to take one course at a time to ensure you honor your responsibilities. Online courses work around your hectic life, rather than you having to change your entire life to attend a physical classroom. Most online degrees are substantially more affordable than traditional bricks and mortar universities. The best online colleges for military spouses offer an affordable education that carries the same weight as the education offered by traditional campus-centric universities.

Spouse Support

Many top online universities offer spousal support in a number of ways, including a credit hour discount and scholarships. Not all online colleges offer military incentive programs, let alone offer incentives for their spouses. If you are a spouse of a military person, you should seek out these online programs. These offers may have limitations and restrictions.  However, many are extremely generous. Be certain to ask if they have restrictions on degree levels and programs, or if the discount is only applicable for a limited number of credit hours. Ask as many questions as possible to be certain you are not surprised with a bill at the end of the term. Some schools offer an outright 20% discount to the spouses of military personnel. Some offer scholarships up to $6,000 per semester. Given the state of today’s economy and competitive job market, these online colleges really stand out from the rest. Another challenge may be to determine whether the incredible incentive prepare you for a rewarding career.

Possible Futures

Many corporations and businesses encourage the spouses of military personnel to apply to their organizations. They often have several locations throughout the country and are often hiring. Several military websites offer contact information for such organizations. You might think about starting your own business. It is quite easy to have a mobile accounting practice. You will have a built in client base no matter where you live with your military family. You can also start your own financial planning company. If you are interested in starting your own business, consider finding one of the best online colleges for military spouses that has an entrepreneurship program. It is also quite easy to apply for consultancy jobs in your chosen profession. Consultants are often able to perform their work at home. Another possibility is to pursue any profession within the healthcare industry. These jobs will grow long after other growth areas begin to dwindle. A need for healthcare professionals exists in every part of the country.

The best online colleges for military spouses provide you a solid foundation from which to work. Pursuing online degrees will improve your financial stability. Choosing which career is best is up to you.

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