Earning a Degree as a Military Spouse

Regardless of their political views, nearly all people have nothing but respect for military personnel and their families. While the troops themselves are often the face of the struggles these families must endure, it is rare that the spouses, and often children, are thought about when it comes to sacrifices. This is the case, though, military spouses have to make huge sacrifices as their loved ones are often stationed have a world away. Taking care of all household duties, essentially acting as a single parent, and working to help survive on an already tight budget are all part of the hardships they have to endure. So preparing for the future, when they move from military to civilian life is often at the top of the list, and there is no better way to do this than finding a way to earn a degree over the course of their military life.

Staying in College during an Unstable Military Life

One thing that military families can count on is change. They often move from place to place, at times a few times in a year. In the past, that made all it nearly impossible to attend college. Fortunately, with the popularity and easy access to the internet, colleges are offering online degree programs for students all over the world. The trick is finding the best college for military spouses. One that understands what a military family goes through, and offers specific benefits for those families.

Checking with other military families or resource centers within your station is one of the best ways to get started. There are a number of colleges that have a wide variety of online degree programs, but more importantly, there will be specific colleges that specialize in helping military families.

Preparing for the Future

Your choice of degree will be important. As you enter the civilian life and go back to the working world, you will most likely have a resume full of short stints at jobs, and short stays in cities, or countries, that employers will take note of. Once you explain the reasons behind all of this, employers will completely understand, and most likely look at you as a very solid candidate, but you also need to be prepared for difficult economic situations.

You have an advantage already when you enter the job market. Employers will understand what it took for you to hold down a household over your spouse’s military career and will see you as a solid hire in just about any role. The issue to consider is what role, or career, you wish to fill. Degrees that were popular fifty years ago are often hard to enter these days, while new emergent fields, or medicine, can often be the best path to pursue. Spend some time thinking about what you want to do over the next forty or more years, and start to plan for something that is in high demand. If you are early in your military life, spend some time looking for something where you are stationed that can give you some experience in your chosen field as a civilian working for the government. You are already on the right track to an amazing future, just take it as a leaping off point and keep pushing.