7 Best Online Colleges For Psychology

Those who earn a degree in the field of psychology are fortunate enough to pursue a whole array of options when it comes to choosing a career. According to CanIdo.net’s psychology degree page, the career offers a career path in multiple settings such as healthcare, institutional, and educational; as well as multiple branches for each of the latter.

Graduates in degree programs that are qualified will be able to get jobs in either the private or public sectors of their choice. Psychologists are able to perform assistance to individuals who have experienced a traumatic ordeal that has left them emotional or even mental distress. Candidates can assist these people in areas such as sports, schooling, and even job counseling. To successfully work with criminal justice agencies and even human service agencies, professionals must be trained in psychology. Training in this field can even extend to job in marketing—which requires a very in depth understanding of how individuals work.

Over the next five years, careers in psychology are expected to rise steadily. Those with the right training, will be able to choose a career in the whichever field they choose. If you have decided that a career in psychology would fit you well, take a look at the top seven psychology schools. These are the top online colleges that will deliver an outstanding education that will make you an ideal candidate for any job you choose.

7 Best Online Colleges For Psychology

1. Kaplan University
A well-regarded institution of higher-learning, Kaplan University is dedicated to offering a range of degrees and educational services for students. Students are able to to take educational programs from hugh school to higher education, from campuses or online. One of Kaplan Universities main goals was to prepare students for standardized testing. As the need for higher learning has increased, Kaplan University recognized the need for online schooling. Kaplan has now expanded it’s course offerings and now caters to those with educational goals. With this program, graduates from Kaplan University are well knowledgable in whichever field they go into.

Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This degree explores the human behavior and our thoughts behind it. Students of this degree will be able to gain a comprehensive education in areas such as analytical and critical thinking, communication, and problem solving. Along with the psychology aspect of the program, which will teach students to analyze theories, research methods, statistics, trends, and concepts. This program offers three areas for students to specialize in: applied behavioral analysis, substance abuse, and child development. Students that choose to enroll in this Bachelor program are also allowed the option to complete the Bachelor of Science in Psychology to the Master of science, which allows students to get their master’s degree as well.

2. Ashford University
Asford University, founded in 1918 as Mount St. Clare College, offers high-quality degree programs with very flexible schedules for the busy professional. The programs that are offered, are in a format that does not require a schedule for students to attend classes or lectures. This gives students the flexibility to complete classes on their own time. Classes are taken one at a time for a duration of five weeks, which allows for students to work uninterrupted. Students are also able to pursue a Smart Track program which lets them earn credits towards a master’s degree while obtaining a bachelor’s degree. This school is a member of the North Central Association.

Ashford University offers a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, which is a rigorous program that helps students understand mental processes, emotions and human behavior. Students take courses in psychology, elective, and general study courses. Students are also able to transfer more than 80 credits to complete their bachelor’s degree.
3. Saint Leo University
Saint Leo University was founded in 1889. A catholic, liberal arts institution that offers more than 41 academic programs, this institution is dedicated to continuing education online. Most students from this institution are online students who enjoy flexible schedules and high quality teaching. To develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the coursework of Saint Leo University is rigorous and challenging. Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, students will be able to understand global perspectives related to their fields of study.

Saint Leo University offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, these two degrees will examine the mental and behavioral processes of humans. These two programs differ by credit hours. The Bachelor of Arts requires that students complete 39 credits in the psychology major, while the Bachelor os Science requires 53 hours. The Bachelor of Science focuses on advanced research training. These two programs will prepare students by requiring them to take classes in diversity and applied psychology, social processes, biological basis, cognitive psychology, personality theory, psychology of motivation and emotion, and many other classes.

4. Capella University
Established in 1991 to provide high-quality degree programs for those students who were working and needed flexible schedules, Capella University is one of the most flexible programs. There are over 130 specialixations, and 35,000 students. Students are able to participate in discussions online and allows for students to take classes whenever it is most convenient for them. Capella University is one of the most respected online institutions that gives students the best preparation for their career. It has received the student learning outcomes award, and best in class award.

Capella University’s undergraduate and graduate psychology programs that specialize in topics given by the American Psychological Association. General psychology specializes in areas of human learning, and human emotion. The curriculum is created for students to be able to gain skills in research, verbal communications, problem solving, and critical evaluation. The bachelor degree requires over 180 credits, and 45 general education credits in courses such as natural science, social science, and mathematics.

5. Walden University
In 1970, Walden University was founded. Now it has emerged into the leader of online education. This university provides high quality degree programs with the flexibility that everyone needs. Those who choose to get a degree at Walden University, will be able to receive the education from committed and experienced faculty members.

Walden has many degree options in the psychology major, and students will be able to specialize in any area. Students can pursue a bachelor, masters, doctorate, or even certificate program. Students will be able to take classes in criminal justice, human services, child development, psychology applied to the workplace, and preparation for graduate studies. Certificate programs offer the option of specialized learning in online teaching, clinical child psychology, and clinical assessment.

6. Argosy University
Established in 2001, is a institution of higher learning that believes that interpersonal skills as huge part of professional success. Although this is a young university, this institution has offered a long history of excellence in professional education. Argosy University strives to instill in their students a sense of social ethics and responsibilities.

The American School of Professional Psychology from Argosy University is able to provide students with the education that they will use in their professional career. Argosy offers tons of degree programs. Students will take classes in family therapy, general psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, and other classes that will prepare them for a degree in psychology.

7. Baker College
Baker was founded in 1911, and is committed to provide training and education for those students that want a career-focused education. Those that choose to enroll in Baker College will be provided with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the professional world. The flexibility of Baker Colleges draws many students, and this college has a graduate employment rate of 97%.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is 18 0n credits and it offered through their online college. The program is made to meet the requirements of the American Psychological Association’s Board of Educational Affairs Task Force to make sure that students get the best education to prepare them for the work force. This degree will prepare students with classes in bio-chemical and neural psychology, pharmacology, history of psychology and many others. General education requirements must also be competed, for a total of 72 hours.

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