Online Nursing Master’s Programs

Entering the medical field is a difficult but important decision. As our population grows, and ages, the need for medical professionals is rising at an amazing rate. By earning an degree through online Nursing Master’s programs you can find yourself in one of the most in demand careers available today.

Going to College Online

As a nursing student, your education will focus on science related courses. While your friend majoring in Creative writing may take a Biology class the same semester that you do, your classes will be significantly different. Your education will focus on similar classes when compared to other majors, but they will be geared towards science majors. This means that you will need to attend labs and that often leads students to believe that they can’t take online degree programs. Know this though, online Nursing Master’s programs are designed to allow you to spend most of your education online, while only attending a weekly lab for a few hours.

While this information will lead you to finding schools that have sites near you for lab work, you can still take advantage of all the benefits that online Nursing Master’s programs offer. Your school of choice will offer a centralized hub for each of your courses. Once inside this hub, accessed through most web browsers, you can follow links to each of your specific classes that will give you schedules for your assignments. These assignments are each linked to due dates designed by your professor as well as dates of labs and their locations. For all of your online assignments, which most of your education will be made up of, you decide when and how to study and prepare them. As long as you are submitting work by the due date on the schedule for each class, you are free to study as you like.

This freedom is why online Nursing Master’s programs are becoming so popular and why competition for students and colleges is becoming so heated. Study hard and you will succeed and enter one of the most exciting and desired fields out there.

What can I do with a Master’s Degree in Nursing?

As a graduate with a Master’s degree in Nursing you can expect to be in very high demand. You will most likely specialize into a specific area of nursing, and that specialization will affect your income in most situations. With positions ranging from a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife and nursing director, you can be sure that there are plenty of options for where you end up. The lowest average income you can expect is near $90,000 a year, while others can see incomes in the early $100,000 range. If you want to enter the field as a certified nurse anesthetist, you can earn an average salary of $150,000 a year. This is a huge income for the amount of time you spend in work, and the job security is second to none.

Another advantage of entering the nursing field, no matter what level you enter, is the fact that overtime is often needed and compensated in different ways. Some employers may reward overtime work by paying a premium over the hourly rates that a nurse will usually see. Others will offer additional time off when things slow down for nurses that pull overtime during the busier times in their place of business.

No matter what route you take, you can rest comfortably knowing that by spending six years in online Nursing Master’s programs you will come out the other side with a significant income, easily found work and a comfortable life due to the hard work you put in for those years. Six years may seem like a significant investment, but you will be surprised how quickly that time passes as you move towards a better life for you and your family.