Pink Collar Jobs: No Longer Just for Women

The term pink-collar job was first used during WWII when women started heading into the workforce to support families while men were on the battlefields, but it’s a concept that has seen renewed vigor in the shadow of the Great Recession. Growth of jobs for maids, waitresses, and a variety of healthcare positions have increased dramatically as have jobs in support positions like administrative assistants and receptionists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides projections on expected growth, average income, and education required for most types of employment. Based upon those government statistics, some of the best options for pink-collar work include:

Registered Nurses

  • Education required: Associate’s degree
  • Growth Expected: 19%
  • Median Pay: $65,470
  • Best for: Workers who enjoy helping people

Registered nurses often work in hospitals and other medical facilities. The BLS expects faster than average growth of the profession. The wage is attractive since nurses only need an associate’s degree to begin work.

Dental Hygienists

  • Education required: Associate’s degree
  • Growth expected: 33%
  • Median pay: $70,210
  • Best for: Workers who want quick employment

Dental hygienists work in dental offices and help provide preventative dental care like general teeth cleanings. The growth expected for dental hygienists is exceptional at 33%. Trained dental hygienists will find a job easily as well as take home a terrific paycheck.


  • Education required: High school diploma
  • Growth expected: 14%
  • Median pay: $25,990
  • Best for: Workers with a high school diploma

The job of a receptionist is easy and requires no more training than a high school diploma. These jobs are a terrific option for anyone who has been out of the workforce for a long time and needs to return, like a parent who stayed home with young kids or a recent graduate.

Administrative Assistants

  • Education required: High school diploma
  • Growth expected: 12%
  • Median pay: $35,330
  • Best for: Entry-level work with a great wage

They used to be called secretaries, but today’s administrative assistants aren’t necessarily female. A high school diploma is all it takes to enter this profession. With just a few years of experience opportunities to work for executives may mean pay raises.

Preschool Teachers

  • Education required: Associate’s degree
  • Growth expected: 17%
  • Median pay: $27,130
  • Best for: Workers who love kids.

Many teaching jobs require a 4-year diploma or bachelor’s degree, but working as a preschool teacher is available with just an associate’s degree. It’s also an area in the education world undergoing significant expansion.

Nursing assistants and orderlies

  • Education required: State-approved certification program
  • Growth expected: 21%
  • Median pay: $24,400
  • Best for: Anyone starting a career in healthcare

To work in a hospital or other healthcare setting most states require assistants and orderlies to have a state certification. These programs might take only six months and are a great way to get into the growing healthcare industry with minimal training.

More than ever, men are entering career fields previously dominated by women. This infographic from shows the post popular fields.

Pink-Collar Jobs Offer Income and Opportunity for All

Just a decade ago it may have been rare to see a male nurse, but the stigma of a pink-collar job no longer exists for men who decide to become nurses or work as dental hygienists. Additionally, pink-collar jobs are often available as part-time work, which helps families cut down on childcare costs while also boosting yearly income.

Tremendous growth of pink-collar positions and the opportunity for a healthy salary means that more people than ever have the opportunity to get into the workforce. Pink-collar jobs also exist in many different industries, so it’s possible to find work to suit every personality and interest.