Powerful Study Tips for Online Students

Are you considering earning a degree online? Are you a current online student? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you will find that online study can be more demanding than traditional classes, even though it is more flexible. Your success as an online student will depend greatly on your study habits and abilities. There are many approaches to making the grade as an online student. To get a head start on your success, consider these powerful study tips:

Wikipedia Is Your Friend

While you should not cite Wikipedia as a source in any research papers or projects, it is a great resource to save time when you are trying to locate information. Wikipedia covers almost any topic and typically lists valuable respected resources that you can look to as formal sources for you research. Just be aware that Wikipedia is made up of user-provided content and may include much erroneous information. While it is an excellent source of ideas and leads on true research materials, never take information from Wikipedia at face value.

Maximize Discussion Forums

Most online courses involve discussion forums and participation is required as part of your grade. Many students make the mistake of doing the bare minimum on discussion boards, never realizing the tremendous potential at their fingertips. Discussion topics provide a forum for students to share vastly different opinions and views on the same material. By thoroughly reading the comments of others and thinking of a complex response, you can get a deeper understanding of the material being studied and can get ideas that will help you on future assignments and projects. If you have the time and motivation, you may even contact your more insightful classmates to set up an online discussion and study group for even more understanding and exploration.

Share Reading Notes and Information

Websites such as JotCloud and stu.dicio.us make it easy to upload and share your reading notes and other information with others who are studying the same subject. Posting your notes online provides many benefits, including the chance to ensure that your notes are correct and to review the notes of others who may see things from a different viewpoint.

 Create a Podcast or Presentation

Research has proven that we learn best by teaching others. Take the time to create and broadcast a podcast or to create and upload a presentation that teaches the concept you are studying. This will give you a greater level of understanding of the material and will also help you to retain more of the important information. If you are not sure how to go about creating such material, there are many resources on the Internet that can guide you through the process. By following the simple directions, you will soon be a pro and will have yet another skill to add to your resume.

Success as an online student depends greatly on your willingness and ability to explore new ways of studying. This will provide you with a challenge and will keep the learning experience exciting and fresh. In addition, sharing information and knowledge with others will provide you with a deeper understanding of the material. While these tips are truly powerful, they are just the tip of the iceberg in online study techniques. Be open to new ways to study and you will surely develop even more ideas of your own.