Should You Attend an Online School That Offers a Free Laptop?

If you are considering getting your degree through an online college or university, you may have heard about the many schools that offer students a free laptop. Should you look for a school that provides a laptop to students? Before you make such a decision, there are some things you need to consider.

Can You Really Get a Free Laptop?

Yes, there are many online schools that promise students a laptop. While many people think this laptop is free, the fact is that the cost of the laptop purchase or rental is generally included in the tuition rates. The old saying that nothing is free is typically true, even of laptops. If you are considering enrolling in a school that offers you a laptop, ask relevant questions. Is the laptop free or is the cost figured into what you will pay? How much are you paying for the laptop? If you provide your own laptop, do you get a tuition discount? Get the answers to all of these questions before thinking about making a commitment.

Is the School Right for You?

The decision to enroll in an online college or university should be based on much more than the idea of getting a laptop with enrollment. Is the school properly accredited? Are tuition rates low? Do they offer the degree you really want? What is the graduation rate? What types of support services are offered to students? There are many, many considerations that are more important than whether or not your program comes with a laptop. Take the time to think of them all before choosing.

While there are some quality schools that offer students a laptop as part of the program, it is important to consider every aspect of a school before you make a decision to enroll. If not, you are sure to regret your decision later on. If you truly need a laptop, but the school you would like to attend does not provide one, consider other options to get your computer. You may be eligible for student aid or loans. Additionally, you may be able to purchase a used or refurbished laptop at a reasonable rate. Just remember that your options are not limited and that you have to consider every aspect of a school to make sure you find the perfect fit.