The Impact of Online Learning

The Internet has changed the world in countless ways and has made it possible to do so much more than ever before. A wealth of information is at our fingers and education is more available than ever before. Most accredited universities now offer classes and entire

degree programs online and many schools now operate exclusively online. While there are still many skeptics when it comes to the value of online education, the data is proving that this format provides many positive impacts on the learning experience.

Enhanced Performance

The Department of Education is taking a keen interest in the potential and effects of online education. Increasing numbers of high school students are now taking both high school and college classes online and the data shows that the experience is having a positive effect. The Department of Education study completed in 2009 showed that those studying online have a higher level of performance than students in a traditional setting. This proves that

the flexibility of online learning is important to students.

Increased Availability

As the data proves that online education is providing positive results, the demand for these services is increasing. Colleges and universities are working hard to meet this demand. The classes are becoming more accessible, allowing students to take tests from anywhere as opposed to testing centers. Even those that still require proctored testing are offering a large number of testing center locations for student convenience. In addition, a large number of schools have now advanced to the point that students can register, cover fees,
Continuing Trendsand take courses without ever reporting to a physical location. This opens the world of higher education to a higher number of students in more locations than ever before.

As more evidence shows that online education is equally, or more, effective than traditional classes, people will continue to choose this learning format. Research by Ambient Insight shows that in 2014, most college students will be taking at least part of their courses online. Streaming media makes it possible for professors to create an engaging and informative experience for students. This, combined with the convenience and cost of online learning will likely continue to make it a popular choice for the future.

While students seem to be increasingly turning to online learning, the end of traditional colleges and universities is not in sight. Just as some students prefer learning online, many still prefer to learn in a traditional setting, where they can enjoy the full college life experience.