The Importance of Tutoring in Distance Learning Success

Many online students need continuous support in order to stay motivated and involved in the coursework. Students in a traditional classroom have this motivation by personally interacting with instructors and getting prompt, in-person answers to any questions they have. Online students, on the other hand, have no physical interaction with instructors and other students, and can easily become confused and frustrated to the point of wanting to give up. Luckily, the invention of webcams and services like Skype make it possible for online students to get the interaction and support they need to be successful.

Where to Get Tutor Support as an Online Student

If you find that you need tutoring or other assistance, check with your instructor to see if he or she can help. In the early days of distance learning, it could take days for students and teachers to exchange information. Luckily, things have changed for the better and interaction can be conducted in real time. If your instructor is not willing or able to provide tutoring, he or she may be able to point you to school provided services or an outside

source of assistance.

If your instructor cannot help, look for your own tutoring through sites like or similar services. Most of these charge a fee per hour for tutoring, but can be a real help if you are struggling in a class.

Tutoring Support Improves Performance

Online students who have the appropriate amount of support can perform as well as, if not better than, their traditional counterparts. It is the duty of instructors to ensure that
By offering the right type of support and engagement, instructors can turn online courses into collaborative efforts in which all students can express themselves and increase the learning experience for all. Tutoring is definitely a valuable resource for the online students, regardless of the source from which it comes.students are constantly involved and motivated and that they have the opportunity to ask questions for clarification of understanding. Good online teachers should set aside time to host online discussions and question and answer periods as well as times where students can contact the instructor directly. This helps students to perform better and to feel more of a sense of involvement that can combat the sometimes lonely feeling of taking online courses.