The Ultimate Time Management Resources Online

time management resourcesMastering the skill of time management can greatly decrease your stress levels and help you attain your goals. While this task may seem easier said than done, there are numerous tips, tools, publications, and mobile applications available to you for scheduling, prioritizing, and accomplishing tasks and goals in a timely manner. We here at Best Online College have searched the Internet to find what we believe are the best time management resources available. From mobile apps to paper calendars, reading our comprehensive list will help you begin your journey to achieving time management success.


Time Management Tips and Articles

The Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth University is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the learning the fundamentals of time management. In addition to a number of comprehensive articles on the topic, the center’s website also features a helpful video discussing the best ways for students to manage their time.

Free Management Library has over twenty articles on time management. Topics range from planning tips to how to triple your personal productivity. If you need help organizing your life, this is the place to start.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an extensive web course with numerous techniques aimed to helping students manage their time more efficiently. Included in the lessons are tips for creating a structured schedule and ways to save time, no matter how busy your life may seem.

College Board has a great tool for high school students on its site. It maps out what high school students should do to prepare for the college application process in each year of high school. Since applying to college takes an extraordinary amount of time management skills, this can be very useful for many individuals. It also has a personal time management tool to better plan your week.

The University of Buffalo has a time management page on the counseling section of its website. Here you will find information on how to avoid time wasters, as well as useful time management resources.

The University of British Columbia has an extensive time management page entitled “Overcome Barriers to Completion.” It offers information on how to get around procrastination and financial difficulties through identifying your individual hang-ups and working around them.

The University of Florida has an in-depth page on time management. The page has information on scheduling, balance, procrastination, and making and keeping personal goals.

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Time Saving Tools

Checkvist allows you to create hierarchical task lists, share them with your team, friends, or family, publish them online, and brainstorm. The tool uses keyboard shortcuts, and notifies your peers of any changes to the list.

Evernote is a note-taking application. It works online, on PC’s and Mac’s, and on cell phones. With Evernote, you can capture web clips, images, and audio and easily share them with a click of your mouse. Further, all of your notes will be stay the same across numerous devices which saves you the time of transferring information or inputting it more than once.

Google Calendar is an amazing resource for scheduling study sessions and planning future events. Not only can you type in notices for the dates that certain assignments are due, but you can program Google Calendar to automatically send you e-mail reminders before important projects are due, and you can share those tasks and reminders with classmates and friends.

Hyperwords is a Firefox addition that allows you to highlight a word (or section) and right click to view a variety of new options, including emailing, printing, posting to your blog, translating, or copying the section.

Lastpass allows you to import every major password storage vendor and captures passwords that other managers won’t include. This allows you to make strong passwords easily.

Launchy is a tool for Windows users that enables you to launch files, folders, and programs by simply using your keyboard. This saves you the time of searching through the start menu, search tool, or file manager.

Memokeys saves you time by calling up commonly used phrases and allowing you to type them in with a simple keystroke combination. You can use this for addresses, disclaimers, contact information, favorite sayings, emails, and other phrases you use frequently.

Mind42 allows you to create “mind maps” within your browser window by using “drag and drop technology.” You can use attributes such as links, colors, icons, and attachments. Further, you can share your mind map and collaborate with others.

NowDoThis allows you to make a list of important tasks that will pop-up on your screen based on level of importance. When you’ve accomplished the task you can say “done” to get the pop-up to disappear. This is a great way to remember to accomplish your goals for the day.

Quicksilver is a more advanced version of Launchy. Designed for Macintosh computers, Quicksilver launches applications, helps you run scripts and send emails, and allows you to do this all without touching your mouse. It has been called by computer experts, “the ultimate Mac Swiss Army Knife.”

RescueTime is a comprehensive time management tool that can be used on any home computer. After installing the application, do your schoolwork like usual—researching things, checking email, and typing important papers. Each day, RescueTime will give you back an in-depth analysis of how you spent your time on the computer the day before. Based on this feedback report, you’ll have a better idea of how to focus your time, and exactly how much time you waste every day IMing with friends or playing on social networking sites.

SyncBack is a powerful backup where you can, as the name suggests, backup all of your files and folders, as well as synchronize them so that all locations have a complete copy.

TODOIST is an online to-do list creator that lets you add the projects that you need to get done each morning, and cross them off as you complete them during the day. You can assign tasks in a hierarchy format, putting the most important things to accomplish at the top, and leaving the lesser-important things at the bottom. Plus, the list is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so you can use it whether you’re at school, in the library, or working from home.

Toggl allows you to track and analyze the time you spend working on different projects. This is a very useful tool for anybody who has a hard time organizing their time.

WakeupOnStandby is an application that allows you to program your computer to wake-up from its standby state and perform tasks automatically, such as running a program, opening a web page, or checking a file. This program is for Windows only.

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Time Saving iPhone Applications

A Personal Assistant is a fantastic application that allows you to manage all of your accounts in one spot, such as your bank account, your email account, your eBay and Amazon accounts, or even your personal shopping account.

Blackboard Learn gives students access to the Blackboard system through your phone. This allows you to participate in discussions, read posted material, and check on the status of your paper while you are on the go.

Box.Net allows you to save files on your phone and share them with your contacts. This is a perfect tool for students who may need to send files to teachers and peers.

Documents To Go allows you to edit spreadsheets and other files directly from your phone. This enables students to complete assignments on-the-go.

Free Wi-Fi Finder finds you nearby businesses that offer free Wi-Fi for your convenience saving you the time it would take to find a connection.

Google Mobile Map Lost? Find yourself on a map anywhere in the world using Google Mobile Map.

Mint allows you to manage your financial accounts and set budgets. You can also request information on savings accounts.

myHomework keeps track of your homework and project due dates with helpful reminders that pop up on your screen a day before the assignment is due. This is a great tool for any students who have a tendency to lose planners.

My Budget Money Management enables you to track your monthly spending on your phone. This is an excellent tool for students who have a difficult time managing their finances. It is also a great tool for time management since money issues are often one of the greatest time waster burdens individuals’ face.

mySticky Lite allows you to write notes on its virtual bulletin board to refer to later. If you like mySticky on your Macintosh, you’ll love this iPhone application.

NotifyMe Free sends reminders to your phone for tasks that need to be completed throughout the day.

Smart ToDo allows you to create and manage to-do lists with projected completion dates.

To Do’s helps you create customized to-do lists organized by priority level.

Organizer Lite keeps track of your doctors’ appointments, scheduled meetings, friends’ birthdays, and numerous other day-to-day activities.

The Weather Channel This application allows you to see weather conditions and traffic cameras in your expected travel area. This is a great app for individuals who need to commute to and from school.

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