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GeometryGeometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, their size and their position in relation to space. Geometry principally originated as more practical knowledge, mainly due to its fundamental role in architecture. However, modern geometry has broadened so that it has become highly mathematical and is used in an innumerable amount of fields.

Best Online College has put together a collection of online resources, activities and more to be used as the go-to resource for teachers and parents alike so that their pupils can grasp and enjoy the geometry fundamentals.

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Cool Geometry Facts:

  • The plural form of radius is radii (Funtrivia). The radius of circle or sphere is any straight line from its center to its perimeter.
  • Lewis Carroll, who wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was an Oxford mathematician, logician and photographer and incorporated many geometry-related references in his works (Online Math Learning).
  • In 1897, the Indiana General Assembly attempted to pass a bill to define pi as equal to 3.2 by law. The goal of this bill wasn’t driven by scientific triumph but more by greed. The end goal was to make all those who used ‘pi’ pay royalties for it’s use. Fortunately, the bill did not pass (Dialspace).
  • Euclid of Alexandria was known as the “Father of Geometry.” He lived in Alexandria around 300 BC. His “Elements” has been an influential work in mathematics. Euclid still remains a top influencer in the field of geometry (Encyclopedia Britannica).
  • Two oddly named mathematical theorems are related to geometry: the Ham Sandwich Theorem and the Hairy Ball Theorem (Dialspace).

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Geometry Games & Activities:

  • Gamequarium: Take a colorful journey through geometry-filled games, puzzles and activities. Make sure to play Assemble the Square and RoboPacker for some really fun and educational games.
  • Home School Math: While most of the games were created for younger students, the links located in the top navigation menu will provide additional games for various age-groups.
  • MathGeom: With 75+ Geometry games to play, MathGeom is sure to offer fun, challenging and clever ways to teach students about the wonders of Geometry from every angle. The easy to use interface will facilitate game play.
  • Math-Play: This site offers free Geometry games ranging from a basic shapes concentration game to the Pythagorean Theorem Game. The education level of these games encompasses beginners to advanced.
  • Online Math Learning: This site offers, “extensive collection of math trivia and math fun stuff – math games, math tricks, jokes, riddles, funny quotes, brain teasers, puzzles, mnemonics, and many more, to chase the math blues away!”

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Geometry Guides & Tutorials:

  • Finding Dulcinea: This site is a valuable resource for geometry help and final exam preparation for students, parents and teachers alike. Learn everything you need about graphing, calculators and tools, manipulating 3D objects in 2D space and essential concepts and strategies.
  • Math.com: This cleverly named website offers, “Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly.”  Once you work your way through the Coordinate Geometry section, be sure to check out the more advanced, Three-dimensional Figures tutorials.
  • Pink Monkey: This site contains geometry-rich chapters that include lessons, quizzes, and more! Furthermore, the website is easy to navigate and simple to use.
  • SparkNotes: Sparknotes.com provides students with three comprehensive sections on geometry. Each of these sections contains a number of subsections ranging from Polygons to Geometric Proofs. This site is ideal for reviewing the basics.
  • Wikiversity: This excellent wikiversity course on geometry offers lessons, homework assignments, and even its own syllabus. The goal of this wikiversity course is, “not only to master the facts of Geometry necessary for advanced courses, but the techniques of deductive mathematical proofs, as well.”

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Geometric Solids:

  • 42eXplore: Take a closer look at geometric solids by exploring geometric shapes and figures at this website. This resource is great for an overview of basic and advanced Geometry.
  • Didax: This particular resource on geometric solids offers downloadable activities to help students recognize and describe shapes. They also provide links to other valuable geometry resources.
  • Illuminations: This website offers a stunningly creative visual and interactive learning opportunity. Students will have an enjoyable time manipulating and coloring shapes to explore the characteristics of polyhedrons.
  • Enchanted Learning: this website offers a great resource for polyhedral and platonic solids. With great visuals and printable worksheets and activities, you’ll be a master ‘hexaflexagon’ in no time!

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