What You Can Do With an Online Mathematics and Statistics Degree

Statistical analysis is required in business, government, and industry. As such, a joint degree in statistics and mathematics can open a world of highly lucrative career opportunities to you. Once you earn your online degree, you can find work in banking, finance, accounting, psychology, biological science, software engineering, and many others. The sky is the limit with an online degree in mathematics and statistics.

Nature of the Work 

Mathematicians use their skills to reduce a variety of practical problems to mathematical units. They then use computer technology and mathematical principles to solve issues ranging from the encryption and deciphering of data to exploring the safety of a new material or medication.

Statisticians spend their lives interpreting, summarizing, and analyzing a variety of data. The work can be highly complex and can influence the economy at every level, from sports to psychology. Statisticians work daily in conducting surveys and experiments and in presenting the results of such work in a way that will be easily understood by others within the field.

Getting Your Degree

There are many fantastic, accredited online mathematics and statistics degrees from which to choose. You can get your training from the bachelor’s level all the way through the doctoral level, depending upon the needs of your chosen career. Regardless of which level of program you choose, you can expect to take computational mathematics, matrix algebra, calculus, statistical design, biostatistical methods, and mathematical modeling.

Once you earn your online mathematics and statistics degree, you can expect to earn an average income of around $65,000, although this number can be a great deal higher in certain positions and employment sectors. As with most careers, the higher your degree and level of experience, the more money you will make. Regardless of your particular job path, there is no doubt that earning your online degree in mathematics and statistics will open a wealth of opportunities to you.